Safe. Easy to use. Cost effective.

Assure ID Safety Pen Needles, from the brand you trust for safety and quality, offer features you require at a more cost-effective price than the market leaders.



  • Cover remains intact for priming
  • Safety shield automatically engages after injection


  • 5mm
  • 8mm


  • Visible needle for precision injection placement
  • Needle lubrication designed to support smooth injections


  • Fits securely to major pen devices from leading manufacturers, including:
    • Sanofi: ClikSTAR®, SoloSTAR®, JuniorSTAR®
    • Lilly: KwikPen, HumaPen®, Humalog® Pen
    • Novo Nordisk: FlexTouch®, NovoPen®, FlexPen®, InnoLet®, Victoza®
    • Owen Mumford: Autopen®

Instructions for use

Before injection, consult the pen injector device manual for proper use and control of insulin flow. If you are using for the first time and have questions, please contact your physician or healthcare professional.

Remove the seal from the safety pen needle.
Attach the safety pen needle securely to the pen injector device by twisting clockwise until it stops.
Prime the pen injector device according to the pen injector device instructions for use.
Remove the cover from the safety pen needle to expose the needle.
Inject into the skin as recommended by your physician with or without a skin lift.
Hold the injection for 5 to 10 seconds before withdrawal as recommended by your physician to ensure delivery of the full dose and to prevent leakage of medication.
Remove the safety pen needle by lifting straight up from the injection site.
Attach the cover securely by pushing cover over the used needle being careful to avoid a needlestick.
Remove the safety pen needle from the pen injector device by twisting counter-clockwise and dispose of in a sharps container.

Ordering Information

Name Gauge Length (inch | mm) Qty. Case Qty. Product # UPC 015482- NDC 08317-
Assure ID Safety Pen Needles 30 3/16" | 5mm 100 1200 275130 275303 2751-30
Assure ID Safety Pen Needles 30 5/16" | 8mm 100 1200 278130 278304 2781-30

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