Careers Overview

Working at ARKRAY, you will join a dynamic team of individuals who are resourceful and collaborative. Our employees are a vital link to the success of our organization and we celebrate our employees during employee appreciation events and regular company gatherings. We strive to provide an innovative work experience for our employees as our company continues to grow and evolve.

ARKRAY employees embrace the concepts of quality, innovation, commitment, efficiency, compliance, and customer care. In order to achieve significant results at work, our ARKIST employees follow our founding principles:

  • Be creative
  • Have advanced and concrete goals
  • Be highly motivated
  • Be proactive
  • Be diligent and spare no effort
  • Be modest and open-minded
  • Be sincere
  • Be high-spirited
  • Be determined and courageous
  • Aspire to excellence and perfection
  • Be insightful
  • Be responsive and efficient
  • Be respectful
  • Be economical
  • Do what is best for the whole, every day, everywhere, all the time.

ARKRAY takes pride in its worldwide presence and has an ambitious goal to grow market share in the United States. Working at ARKRAY, you will be part of a company where you’re empowered to learn and grow personally and professionally. Our success depends on our employees and we believe in rewarding employees for their contributions by providing competitive compensation and benefits packages.