TechLITE® Pen Needles

Premium Quality Needles. Comfort, Convenience, and Value.

ARKRAY premium quality TechLITE and TechLITE Plus pen needles are designed to deliver reliably smooth and comfortable injections of insulin. Available in multiple sizes, TechLITE and TechLITE Plus pen needles promote our brand promise of innovative and reliable products—all at an affordable price.

TechLITE Plus Pen Needles

TechLITE Plus

TechLITE Pen Needles


Experience a more comfortable insulin injection with the NEW TechLITE® Plus Pen Needle

Featuring a flatter needle base, it efficiently distributes injection force and delivers insulin precisely to the targeted area. Our flat needle technology is designed to improve comfort and reduce the risk of intramuscular injection. The optimal needle choice at an affordable price.

TechLITE Plus Pen Needle Comfort
TechLITE Plus inner outer caps

The wider designed outer and inner covers of TechLITE Plus are easier to handle before and after injecting.

TechLITE Line up with caps

Color coded inner caps for easy identification.
Available in a range of needles gauges and lengths to accommodate different body types and needs.

Universal Features

TechLITE Plus smart thread design

Smart Thread Design

Smart thread design is compatible with most insulin pens and ensures a tight fit to help prevent insulin leakage.

TechLITE Plus Pen Needle thin wall and lubricated tip

Precise Sharpening

Precision cutting techniques create a sharper point which facilitates smoother penetration into the skin.

Thin Wall Technology

Thin wall design supports consistent insulin flow.

Optimal Lubrication

Smooth lubrication enables easy needle insertion and may improve comfort.

Ordering Information

Product NameNeedle GaugeNeedle Length (mm)ColorQtyProduct #UPC #015482-Reimb. #08317-
TechLITE Pen Needles Plus324 mmGreen10023423223423-22342-32
TechLITE Pen Needles324 mmLt. Green10023413223432-42341-32
TechLITE Pen Needles326 mmLt. Purple10023613223632-82361-32
TechLITE Pen Needles315 mmYellow10023513123531-42351-31
TechLITE Pen Needles318 mmLt. Blue10023813123831-52381-31

TechLITE Products are available through national and regional distributors. To find a distributor call 800.566.8558


TechLITE Pen Needles fit most insulin pens. Compatibility includes, but is not limited to the following list